Retirement Plan Sponsor Consulting

Our Passion

We demystify the risks, inefficiencies, bias and complex service models for Plan Sponsors. Our experience working with a wide range of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans that include Fortune 500 companies to small family owned enterprises is invaluable for us to help you mitigate your liability and enhance overall plan management efficiency.


The Unspoken Conundrum

Plan Sponsors Dance in a Trance, Ignoring the CON’s That Keep Fiduciary Risk Roaring.

To read more about how Plan Sponsors should address their CON’s, click on the link below.

The Unspoken Conundrum


The Flagship Fiduciary Solution

The Retained Fiduciary Officer service differentiates Prudentia Fiduciary Partners from all other fiduciary support firms.  We actively share the entire fiduciary risk profile, not just a limited portion or appointment.  How and why do we do this?  Click on the Retained Fiduciary Officer link below to learn more about the advantages of this service and how it works.

Retained Fiduciary Officer


Request for Proposal Services

Requests for Proposals has become a complex process.  Many companies request their broker to perform this function, which is not a prudent practice based on their limited options pursuant to vendor sales agreements, limited fiduciary capacity, compensation and product bias.  Brokers, trust companies, insurance companies and registered investment advisory firms play critical roles in the service arrangements, but a methodical approach to the process should be implemented.  To learn more about this approach and related services, click the link below.

Request for Proposal Services


Other key Plan Sponsor Services Include: