Personal Trust Services

A personal trust fiduciary should be just that, personal.

Hiring an independent private trustee has significant advantages, opposed to leaving the responsibility to family members or a corporate trustee.  Our unconventional independent approach fosters the infusion of confidence with continuity by allowing existing investment advisory, tax and legal relationships to remain engaged in the trust management process.


We Keep it Personal

Prudentia Fiduciary Partners has a rich history of helping individuals and families structure their trust and estate plans to achieve optimum tax, asset transfer or control interests for generations to come. The ongoing management of the trust is crucial to success. Our team takes the time to fully understand the grantor’s intent, taking a personal interest to preserve the integrity of the trust.

More information can be found by viewing the Grantor Considerations  page.


How are Fees Charged?

Some families pay for trustee or certain administrative fees directly, without using trust assets to absorb the fee.  All personal trustee services are charged a basis point fee, which is a percentage value of trust assets.  A flat fee can also be negotiated for smaller cases, or those with limited risk profiles.


What type of trusts will Prudentia service?