Estate Executor Services

Why consider us to be your private estate executor?

An executor, or independent administrator, is someone accountable for settling the last will and testament. It can be an honor, but in many cases, the responsibility can become a daunting task that divides families. Being entrusted to gain control of, account for and fulfill the person’s last wishes with the disposition of their property can be a complex task. An independent executor professionally addresses all necessary tasks to ensure debts and creditor obligations are satisfied, while providing a full accounting of remaining property to be distributed pursuant to the testor’s final wishes.

Families are often divided, or family dynamics become stressed when a member assumes this responsibility. In some cases, geographic proximity or competence is a concern. As an independent fiduciary, we take an unbiased, efficient approach to identify and secure estate assets, while providing periodic updates with named beneficiaries throughout the settlement process. The objective is to convey the testor’s intent without the unintentional consequence of adding stress to the family or beneficiaries.


Executor Duties

Depending upon the complexity of the will or estate, there are many duties and required timelines to address throughout the estate settlement process. The following are key duties: