Proudly, we are not investment consultants, but have significant fiduciary investment experience.  We solely work as an independent fiduciary.  The objective is to provide a wide range of services for individuals seeking independent fiduciary services, as well as corporate or philanthropic organizations tasked with fiduciary oversight responsibility.

Our objective is to contractually assume the responsibility of our client’s fiduciary risk as our own,  providing prudent, unbiased solutions.


Personal Trustee Services, Taken Personally

There are many reasons why families should be highly selective about appointing a trustee.  Corporate trustees have their place, but are also riddled with conflicts of interest and high fees.  Family members serving as trustee often leads to abusive access or conflict amongst beneficiaries.  Furthermore, their inexperience with the various legal, tax, investment and fiduciary best practices places the trust in jeopardy of underperformance or noncompliance.

Prudentia takes an intimate approach with each client to build a suite of services to compliment their objectives.  Early in each engagement, it is important to understand the goals of the grantor, their charitable interests and family dynamics to ensure sensitivity around future trust goals and objectives.


Private Client Executor Services

The loss of a loved one affects us in many ways.  Combine the emotional duress with scenarios, such as blended families, alternative lifestyles, unique estate assets, special needs beneficiaries, business interests and geographic constraints with family members that are not local, and the loss now becomes far more complex.  We welcome Independent Administrator or Executor appointments to work through the family wishes and settle the estate.  Our consistent communication and unbiased approach provides structure and solace throughout this process.


The Prudentia Difference for Retirement Plans

Unlike any other service, we seek to contractually share the risk as a fiduciary partner with our clients, serving as their in-house fiduciary expert. As a result of being free of conflicts, vendor bias or having our motivation predicated on asset based fees, the path forward is fundamentally sound and transparent.  The objective is not to disrupt current vendor or advisory relationships, rather empower them to focus on their core competencies.

In select situations, we can assume the role of trustee for the plan.  In this capacity, we perform all trustee functions for the plan and recommend the use of either ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) investment solutions, as well as a full scope 3(16) administrative service.


Philanthropic Solutions

Endowment development and planned giving programs are vital for foundations and nonprofit organizations to achieve sustainability to execute their mission, yet many organizations face a number of headwinds with these endeavors. A focused suite of consulting services derived from working with some of America’s most recognized universities, hospitals and corporate foundations is now available to help your organization bolster governance and build assets.